Servanthood is Essential in Leadership

Leaders are servants to those they lead.

As a leader my number one role is to serve those under, above, and around me.

We gain influence as we serve others. This looks very different in every role, but I think maintaining the heart of a servant is absolutely essential to leadership

Not only does it help us gain influence with those around us but it keeps us humble. As we serve others we realize we are no better than anyone else, and no job is below us. I do think it is important to focus on our strengths and do what we are called to do, but also to realize that no job is below us. If we keep this mentality, people will respect us for that. It’s all about the orientation of the heart.

Are you living a life of servanthood? Or are you too proud to get your hands dirty?


3 thoughts on “Servanthood is Essential in Leadership

  1. Several different times in my life, I have been humbled, and returned to the labor trade of tile setting. A skill I have been blessed to know since my early twenties. It is hard physical work. I have had several businesses where I was able to leave the trade behind. Then whatever circumstance would arise, and things would change, leaving me and my family back at the crossroads. I have gone from being the “Boss” to serving the “Boss” and back again more than once. However, once the wounded pride is set aside, I go to my knees once again(literally with knee pads) and labor. I know I won’t always labor…but I know I will never be too good to get dirty, or tired, or serve a leader. If you can’t serve a leader, how can you be one?

    • I like that “If you can’t serve a leader, how can you be one?” I’ve often been told, “How you follow, is how people will follow you.” We must be followers before we can be leaders. It changes our perspective on leading too.

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