A Few Highlights from Catalyst

I got a ton out of Catalyst last week! Here are some of the speakers I listened to, and some of their big ideas:

Opening Lab Session with David Kinnaman:
“We must disciple where culture really is at”
“In talking to the next generations we must focus on teaching them about relationships, vocation, and revelation”
“17 % of students have adult mentors, 16% of students believe the Bible actually applies to their life, and 20 % believe Jesus speaks to us still today.”

Lab Session 1 with Darren Whitehead and Jon Tyson
“The alpha male culture of pastoral leadership is gone, but leadership is here to stay”
“How we view the scriptures will define the next generation of the Church”
“40 years ago the gay kid was marginalized, now it’s becoming the Christians that are bullied”

Lab Session 2 with Bob Goff
I must say this guy was one of my favorites. He has such a child-like heart and is truly inspiring.
“Nobody starts out to be typical, but life happens..and what do we do?
“Love God and go do stuff.”
“When you love you do!”
“Expect a bunch, you are a kid of a king!”
“Have a life mission statement that says, ‘Be Awesome’”
“Be secretly incredible”
“If you must boast, boast about Jesus.”

Lab Session 3 with Susan Isaacs about telling stories
“When you take away details you take away the reader’s ability to feel what you felt”
“Conflict is the agent God uses to shape us”
“Constantly ask yourself what is the dramatic question? What is currently unresolved.”

Lab Session 4 with Dave Gibbons
“The prophets of this day are the artists.”
“We must leverage the Holy Spirit more in our churches”
“Be defiant, but loving, respectful, and kind.”
“Stop being known for what we’re opposed to.”
“Create culture.”
“If you don’t create something new, you will die.”
“Spend more time on research and development.”
“The sons and daughters of a revolution have been born.”

Closing Lab Session with David Platt
“4 Golden Calfs from Exodus 32 that we still have today.
Leaders without Conviction.
We have devised salvation without dedication.
We have manufactured worship without humility.
We have created a God without retribution.
“We have created God into a safe middle-class American version of ourselves, that doesn’t call us to anything dangerous.
“When we undermine the wrath of God we lose sight of real mercy, and we lose sight of the mission.”

Catalyst Session 1 Andy Stanley
“The more successful you are, the less accessible you will become.”
“Fairness ended in the garden of Eden.”
“Go deep, not wide. Go long-term, not short-term.”
“Give time, not just money.”
“Do for one, what you wish you could do for all.”

Session 2 Jim Collins
“Greatness is a matter of consciousness decision and personal discipline.”
“Three characteristics of successful people”
Fanatic Discipline
Empirical Creativity
Productive Paranoia
“Create a stop-doing list.”
“The signature of mediocrity is chronic inconsistency.”
“A great mentor changes your life in seconds.”

Session 3 Katie Davis
“God does not ask us to care for the broken and orphans… He demands it.”
“I’d say pray about adopting, but I don’t think God will tell you no.”

Session 4 Dave Ramsey
Leadership Matters
People matter- not units, but people; watch their eyes.
An incredible team and excellence matter.
Slow and steady matters.
Financial principles matter.
A higher calling matters.
“You want brand differentiation? Show up on time and tell the truth.”

Session 5 Francis Chan
“His Presence Matters”
“Satan knows that everything depends on my relationship with God.”
“Are you present enough in your prayer life, that God actually hears you.”

Session 6 Judah Smith
“Jesus is the Glory of God.”
“It’s not about being in the presence or even doing things for. It’s about KNOWING God.”
“I wonder if we know what we have in Jesus.”
“Jesus is enough.”

Session 7 Mark Driscoll
“Fear in the mind causes stress in the body.”
“Fear is not always a sin, but it always leaves and opportunity.”
“Whose opinion changes everything?”
“Is your appetite for praise unhealthy?”
“Are you overly devastated by criticism?”
“Are you committed to people and things you aren’t called to?”
“Fear is vision without hope.”
“Fear isn’t rational, but it’s powerful.”
“Fear is about not getting what we want.”
“Fear preaches a false gospel.”
“Fear causes us to be false prophets.”
“Fear not! I’m with you.”

I loved the conference, and got a lot out of it. I’m still processing how much of this will apply to my ministries and life. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be able to go to the conference.


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