The Scary Part of Changing the World

Change the World

I often dream and think of changing the world…. Hopefully for the better.

I want to see extreme global poverty end.

I want to see discrimination die.

I want to see suicide end.

I want to see bullying no longer be an issue.

These issues have been around for thousands of years. Is it realistic that they will end? I think so.

I know you have dreams and ambitions, maybe not as big and radical as me, but you do have them.

The Scary Part

What if you do accomplish everything you ever dreamed of doing? Or what if like me you have often looked up to revolutionaries such as MLK Jr, Jesus, and others. These men are so inspiring, but the calling on their lives lead to death. What if the dreams you have will lead to your death, and you won’t even see the full accomplishment of these desires? Does this justify giving up the dream? Or does this provoke and excite the thought of it even more?

The scary part about changing the world, is that you might just do it and die in the process. Would you be willing to take a stand for something as radical as this? Or are you content with the world the way it is and staying normal?


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