What do you stand for?

I don’t like titles. I don’t like definitions. I don’t like fitting a stereotype. I don’t like rules. I like to push limits. I like to challenge myself and others. I like creating.

I found myself asking this question to my students last night. What do you stand for? I think that sometimes I run from standing for specific things, so I don’t get defined in a nice little box. I was questioning what they stand for. Do they really know what they stand for? Or do they just go along and do things, because it’s the “cool” thing to do at the time.

I truly believe that the Church needs to be known more for what it stands for than what it stands against. But what is it we as individuals stand for? If someone had to describe you, what would they say? Would they say, “He’s a critic”, or “He hates gays”, maybe, “His life sucks because he has so many rules”. Or would they say, “He really lives”, or “He takes some big risks, but his life is worth it,” or possibly, “He really cares for people.”

I want to be known more for things Jesus stands for. Jesus stands for freedom, joy, peace, patience, power, faith, hope, and of course most importantly he stands for Love.

I ask you today. What do you stand for? And what do you want to be known for? The two may be different, but I challenge you to take steps toward aligning them.

I know the meaning of this song has nothing to do with my questions and thoughts here, but I felt the Holy Spirit bringing these ideas to mind as our youth band sang this song.




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