Goodnight, See ya in the morning, I love you.

Before going to sleep my wife and I often say, “Goodnight, see ya in the morning, I love you.”

This is a precious tradition of mine. I remember growing up and saying this simple phrase to my brother, sister, and parents every night when I’d go to sleep. I don’t remember how old we were, but I remember having a bedtime of 9pm. I shared a room with my brother Seth (I wrote about him here), and his bedtime was 9:30. Almost every single night I would lay in bed without moving until Seth came to get in our bunk with me. I was afraid and just wanted the comfort of my big brother.

Most nights we’d stay up late talking and talking, and then all of a sudden he’d get mad and punch me or something because he wanted to sleep. He’d usually follow it with, “goodnight, I love you, see ya in the morning”, that was my cue to shut up and go to sleep. But I’d always say it back, then occasionally we’d compete about who got to say it last, and I think I usually won… Or maybe I just want to think I won. We didn’t always say it out of competition though, we’d say it every night no matter what.

Now anytime I say that phrase to my wife,(or she says it to me) and someday I will to my kids, I think of my brother Seth. Whenever I stay at the same place as my sister, we say it too.

Sometimes it is the small little memories that keep people alive to us. Yes my brother is gone for quite a long time now, but that will never take away the years of memories I have with him.

Do you have anything you do that is a constant reminder of a lost one?


One thought on “Goodnight, See ya in the morning, I love you.

  1. Wow!!! I am sure that Seth is saying it to you and your wife every night too. I have bunk beds for my daughters and I vividly remember how Renee would be waiting for Rachael to go to bed so she could whisper loudly to her. Then the giggling started…… They are 14 and 16 now and the “tradition” continues. I can just see you and Seth at bedtime now!

    Anytime I drive through a rural area or wooded area, I remember the best man in our wedding. He was forever taking us down roads like that and we would spend a whole day just finding really cool places that people don’t often search out. He is wandering those places still I think. (Miss ya Doug Gillham)

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