Holy Spirit…

Currently at Lc we are in the middle of our Forgotten God series. Rich is preaching about the Holy Spirit, and we have about 10 small groups going through the Forgotten God Interactive Study material. The whole idea behind the curriculum is that the Holy Spirit is often filed under the hard questions column, and not talked about because we don’t know exactly how to discuss the Holy Spirit.

Through this I’ve been thinking and praying to the Holy Spirit a lot more. I’m trying to live more in the Spirit than I have been recently. To be honest it is quite hard to do. To be honest it’s quite scary to do as well.

The Bible has so many stories where the Holy Spirit leads people to do crazy dangerous adventures that by our standards don’t make sense at all. And what if the Holy Spirit leads me to do crazy dangerous adventures that by our standards don’t make sense at all?

But isn’t that what I’ve always said… “I don’t want to live a life that is explainable by normal standards, I want my life to have no explanation, but for The Bible.”

And I do want that, but it’s still scary sometimes to listen to the Holy Spirit and actually obey when He speaks. It’s scary, because most often times He tells us to do something that we wouldn’t normally do on our own. Like give away money. Or talk to a random stranger and tell them how you love them. Or get up and move to another country to tell people about the love God has for them.

If you don’t know much about the Holy Spirit I challenge you to seek Him out. See if He’ll speak to you, and what He might lead you to do. If something cool happens, please share it.


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