Conference Time

Yep, it’s that time of year again where all the leadership conferences happen.

Today I am at the E Squared Conference in Des Moines, Iowa. Next week our staff heads to Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. And in November we will be taking our students to the Red Culture Conference in Des Moines.

I am a firm believer in conferences, as I have had some incredible ‘God moments’ at them. I’ve had incredible life change occur after conferences when I put into action things that were being spoken to me.

I also think conferences are an incredible opportunity to network with like minded people. I hope to meet a couple new people at these conferences that develop into relationships. It’s easier than ever to stay connected with people after you leave thanks to Facebook and Twitter (forget Google Plus). Another reason I love conferences is the team bonding that can occur when you go to these things with a team of co-laborers. I love my team at Lc, and things go so much better when I get to experience community with them.

Mark Batterson(one of my ministry heroes) says, “A change of pace + a change of place = a change of perspective.” I love this quote because it’s so true, and I think this is really why conferences are great. They change our perspective on things.


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