Kick your own butt

Sometimes I have to kick my own butt.

Other people call it self-discpline, but I guess I’m harder on myself than most.

I most notice a butt kicking is necessary when:

I’m lazy.

I watch more tv.

My facebook feed is busier.

I realize I’m not being/doing what I dreamt of.

This last one is the most important one that causes me to actually do something. In all honesty the others just cause me to feel guilty and down on myself, but don’t motivate action. A few weeks ago I got really negative and complained a lot. My wife in her loving and encouraging way helped me to see that I wasn’t actually living out what I’d said I wanted to be doing. I had been spending more time focused on the small tasks and not on the big picture of what I want to be doing. I wasn’t focusing on what I could be doing, but rather on what wasn’t happening.

So I decided to kick my own butt. I’ve gotten more disciplined again, and the negativity is gone. Yeah it still creeps in, but I can’t afford to entertain the thoughts, I can only create and change the things that I can control. I occasionally live with a “If not you, than who?” mentality. That is, if I myself won’t change things, than who will? And sometimes it take a kick in your own butt to start down that process.


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