Photo by John Beyer Photography

Photo by John Beyer Photography

I cannot take credit for the description, but I must say the word moldable describes my wonderful wife like no other. She is constantly learning, growing, and pushing herself. I love how her perspective is constantly changing as she meets new people and interacts with people from different backgrounds.

Being moldable is a characteristic that is worth striving toward. I believe in our lives we are never finished products and we will be changing and growing as life happens. My wife has grown and changed so incredibly much since I met her just over two years ago.

I was lucky enough to spend her birthday with her two years ago as a friend. I remember riding in the car with her to go out to eat with her friends (that I didn’t know). I remember sitting by her, and helping her carry her stuff (gifts from other people, I was too cheap and didn’t get her anything, I mean we were only friends ;)). I remember thinking in my head, hmmmm…… I could see myself with her, but she’s way out of my league. I didn’t even entertain the thought beyond that at the time. Little did I know what would develop in the coming months. This woman would steal my heart and mess up everything in my life (I say that in the best terms possible).

I had no idea the woman who was just a good friend at the time could mold into the best wife I could possibly ask(or pray) for.

My wife Kasie is moldable and growing, and will continue to be moldable and growing for a long long time. She isn’t perfect, but she definitely is perfect for me.

Today is her birthday. Send her a message, an email, a text, something. She deserves it. Happy Birthday my Kasie Lynn Kolosik.

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