Jesus is Cool, but backwards

Everyone wants a piece of Jesus.

Many people like Jesus, but not Christians.

Jesus changed the entire history of the world in a short life of just 33 years. There are billions of people that know who he was, and know some things about his life.

One of my favorite parts about Jesus (and God the Father) is that he was and is completely backwards.

In Matthew 5:38-42 he tells us we should never get revenge. And shouldn’t pay people back for the wrong they do to us, but instead to give them opportunity to hurt us again (turning the other cheek). Scripture dives deeper on this topic to explain why here, but that doesn’t make it easy to live out. We live in a culture and society that we feel obligated to stand up to bullys and jerks, and pay them back for the harm they do. But Jesus tells us to do otherwise. I believe living the way he tells us to on this topic can change everything. It can change the way the bully reacts, it will change the way we view the person, and it can change the future potential of how that bully messes with other people.

Jesus was backwards. It’s one of the things I love about him.


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