Education is Vital: School is Not: Part 2

I wanted to follow up on my post about education last week.

I seem to talk down school a lot and I have my reasons for it, but school overall is doing some great things. I am a believer in school, but not that it is absolutely the best thing for everyone.

I don’t think having a degree necessarily gives you the right to expect a job. Relationships, experience, and luck get more people jobs than just having a degree does.

With all the bashing I’ve done, here are some things I like about school:

It teaches you to follow and be submissive. (To be a great leaders, we must first be a great followers. I completely believe in the saying, “How well you follow, is how well people will follow you”.)

It teaches you how to do things you may not want to do. Let’s face it, even if you are in the jobs of your dreams you have to do work that you don’t like.

It teaches you different ways to learn (or how you might not learn).

It offers a perfect place to experiment (and fail and learn to deal with failing) with low risk.

It brings to mind many different perspectives that change the way you view the world.

And if you’re lucky it gets you a job, not by requirement, but by possibility. It can open doors to places you wouldn’t have made it otherwise. But you still have to be willing to kick in those doors, and take the opportunities (or reject them for a bigger adventure of your own).


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