Education is Vital: School is Not

As a leader I am always trying to learn. I am learning how to do things better, how to lead people better, how to be a better leader, and so much more. I believe that getting an education is absolutely vital to all leaders. By that I do not imply school, I mean we must learn to be life-long learners. A life-long learner will never stop growing and pushing forward. They are the ones searching out answers on the internet even when the answer doesn’t really matter. They are the ones that are reading book after book after book. They follow blogs and readings of the foremost people in their own field. They are far more interested in learning what the best are doing, than what the closest competitor is doing. They are the ones that never stop getting an education.

School is important if it leads people to constant learning, not if it is an end all. School in itself does not get you very far if you do not learn how to educate yourself beyond it. I enjoy school because I enjoy learning and getting an education. I do not enjoy school, as I’m constantly told exactly what I have to do and in what way I have to do it. I got in a lot of trouble in college math courses, for finding solutions to problems in a different way than the professor taught. I thought my ways were easier, but the teacher didn’t like it when I taught another student some of the ways. I learned many ways to solve problems from this, and I learned how to tick a professor off. I learned much more because I wanted to find another way. Had I done the problems only the way I was taught I wouldn’t have learned nearly as much. I wouldn’t have learned that there are so many ways to solve the same problems. I wouldn’t have learned how to leverage my resources as well as I possibly can. I wouldn’t have learned that I can learn so much more if I take it upon myself to challenge the way it was being done.

I think all leaders must get an education of how to learn on their own, whether that is through school or just plain trying something and failing. School can lead you to be a life-long learner if you let it, or it can be an end all and won’t be worth as much to you as it could. A leader must learn to constantly learn and have an education that way, school is not the only way to do that. I do believe in school, but it’s not the end all. Education and learning are.


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