The Genesis Effect

The people and surroundings of Kolkata, India (c) 2011 Jbeyer Photography

Every time I start to read the book of Genesis I get overwhelmed. I start to read of how God created this amazing place, and I realize how beautiful all of creation is.  It makes me sit and ponder of God’s greatness and creative parts. Reading through Genesis makes me think how lucky we are to be loved by such a big and great being as the Creator of this Universe. We can never grasp all of the beauty and wonders of God, and I think that helps us to love Him more. The more I read and understand about God the more I am wowed by Him.

How lucky am I that I get to have a purpose in life that was created by the same being that put this entire Universe into existence?

I understand you may not agree with me, but you cannot deny the beauty of this world, and the amazement that comes from the Biblical story of Genesis. I love this world. I am so amazed by how big and great and powerful my God is. His beautiful creation is just a glimpse of the beauty of who He is. Genesis breaks me down every time, and I call this the Genesis Effect.


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