Negativity Kills

To be brutally honest I’ve had a very negative attitude for the last 7 days or so. It has caused me to speak negatively, act negatively, and not see the best in the people around me.

I am usually optimistic and a dreamer of huge things, but this last week I’ve only seen the negative. I have seen why things won’t work, and why we shouldn’t even try. I’ve claimed against, argued, and refused to try. When my attitude becomes negative it kills me and the people around me. I remember in high school football a few friends of mine got horrible negative attitudes about our team. To be honest we weren’t very good, but I remember my coach making a powerful statement while chewing their butts, “you guys and your negative attitude are just like a cancer to this team”. While I don’t know that I would advocate this as the best way to talk to a teenager, I do think he makes a good point. In the same way cancer starts to eat away at something good and healthy and starts to grow and destroy it, so is with a negative attitude. It starts to eat away at something good and healthy and starts to grow and destroy that good and healthy thing. My negative attitude kills my creativity, my dreaming ability, and can destroy any hope for new vision I may have.

To say it shortly negativity kills.

It kills the way I see myself, the way I see my organization, and the way I see many people. As I am realizing the negative attitude I have and I am choosing for it to leave. We choose our attitude, but we must recognize it first in order to change. I see the negativity I’ve had the past week or so, and am consciously choosing it to be gone. I will not allow my dreams to be held down, I will not tolerate the idea any longer. Negativity will not have a hold on me, and I hope you don’t allow it to have a hold on you either.

What have you done to fight against a negative attitude that seems to be getting a grip on you?


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