Are you the exception?

Everyone thinks they are the exception.

Whether our exception is in a relationship with a guy or girl.

We think we are going to be the college drop-out that starts a huge company.

Maybe we’re the one that got fired from a company, but they’ll want us back someday.

Or possibly we think we’ll be the NBA player that isn’t a giant.

We all think we are going to be the exception, but the problem with exceptions is that there aren’t many of them. That is why they are the exception. I know this is kind of a harsh reality, but Hollywood makes a killing off of giving people hope that they can be the exception. It is possible for you to be the exception of anything, but you’re more likely to get to that dream of yours if you put in the hard work early on and follow it with everything you have. I don’t say all this to kill the hope of achieving your dreams, but to tell you that your hope doesn’t have to be in being the exception. Your hope can lay in discipline, hard work, and some old fashion stubbornness to not give up on that dream of yours.


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