A Compelling Vision Attracts Followers

If you are leading an organization, a ministry, a club, a Facebook group, a blog, or whatever else you might lead you than you need to have a vision for whatever it is you are leading.

Vision is a place you want to take your organization. You don’t have so share that vision with the public, and you don’t even have to share the whole vision with your entire organization. You do however need to share parts of it with the people you’re leading. This helps them build trust in you. It helps them buy in to where you’re taking them. It helps them feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

Sharing a compelling vision helps you to recruit customers, employees, volunteers, and as Seth Godin calls sneezers (The people that love your idea and pass it on). This can help you create momentum. Momentum can mathematically be broken down into mass times velocity. Sharing your vision helps create momentum by creating more mass following your given velocity.

Having a great vision isn’t good enough though. You must set short term goals that help you succeed in achieving that vision. Sharing a great vision gets you a few things, but long term if you don’t take action toward it, you lose a lot. You’ll lose all the things you gained from sharing it in the first place. Taking steps toward that vision help your velocity in the momentum equation and thus helps take your organization so much further.

Create vision for the things you lead, but don’t settle with just that. Share it some, and take steps toward the achievement of it.. There is something cooler than an amazing vision……..that would be the achievement of it.


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