Since early July I have been only working one job. I quit Wal-Mart and quit Menards, and now only work for LIFEchurch. My new role is the Student Ministries Director. At first I was a little nervous for this role, as I’d have to step up more as a leader to help serve our volunteer ministry leaders more. Since I’ve started though, I’ve really fallen in love with what I do on a daily basis. I love working with people and helping them serve our community.

I haven’t felt this free and this alive in a job and life in a long time. It’s made such an impact on my life that even my wife said to me the other day, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this alive”. This says to me that it truly is so important to be doing what we love. I love my job, and that brings me alive so much more than what Menards or Wal-Mart ever could have done for me. I’m meant to be in ministry and serving people on this level, and anything short of that is not satisfying for me. At the same token I know plenty of people that if they worked for a church it’d kill them. We are all different and created with different purposes in mind. I’m lucky to have found my thing, and I hope you search for yours. Don’t ever give up searching for it. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and feel free? Then pursue that.


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