Chasing the dream.

Well if you know me, you know I’m a dreamer.

I’m not only a dreamer, but I’m lucky enough to be a husband to an amazing woman that dreams too.

Two years ago when I first met Kasie we became best friends. We talked about the future and going places, and really we dreamt together. I remember she would talk about going back to school, and it seemed so far off. At that point she wasn’t sure exactly what for, but she knew she wanted more from life than raising money and doing PR. She knew she wanted to help people who can’t always help themselves.

I fell in love with this woman. I am so thankful to now be married to my best friend. She supports me, encourages me, believes in me, and she challenges me. She challenges me directly, and she challenges me as well by example. And today is a case where she challenges me by example. A couple hours ago I dropped her off at the bus stop for her first day of Graduate School. Today she begins a new journey pursuing her Masters Degree in Social Work at the University of Iowa.

I am so proud of her for taking this step. I’m so proud of her to be chasing a dream she’s had in her for a few years. I am so proud to be the husband of a woman that is pushing herself, so she can serve people in a better and more effective way. I am so thankful for my wife.

And she may disagree with this statement, but we’re dreamers, and we are going to keep chasing the dream.


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