Happy Birthday Sethie William

Sunday was the 25th birthday of my brother Seth William Kolosik. Yes he’s the older and I’m the younger brother looking up to my older brother in this photo. Seth’s life was from April 10, 1986 to June 9, 2000. And that little to in the middle sure was a lot for only being 14 years long. I miss my brother a lot this week, and really I miss him a lot every week. Life is not easy. Life is messy. I’m so thankful for the many memories I have of Seth. I am so thankful that I’m able to remember them. I was only 11 when he was taken from this place, and I really don’t know how it’s possible for me to remember as much as I do, but I do. I love my brother. I love the memories. I love the fun stories.

One thing I’ve learned from his death is the power of community. I never would have become who I am if it had not been for the loving community of support my family had. All the time I think of people that helped me so much through the tough time after, and all the time I am grateful to have had the support we did. I didn’t understand it then, and I will never be able to tell everyone how thankful I am, but I love you all.

Please remember the fun memories with my brother. And create great memories with your families and communities you live with now. You never know when you’ll need them or they’ll be gone.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sethie William

  1. Wow, Adam!!! I love this picture of the 2 of you!!! Would you believe that I remember Seth the most in funny memories? Like the time one of you was sick and in bunk beds…. The person on the top could not make it to the bathroom and puked on the person in the bottom bed. (Perhaps that was not funny to the person being puked on but coming from a large family, I could really relate!)

    I remember teaching both of you piano lessons at your house and how it always smelled good because a great dinner was being cooked. I remember how Seth did a great job with yard work and shoveling snow. I always appreciated that!!! I have a picture of Seth – cannot recall where I got it now – that I kept in my desk when I was an art teacher, long after he was gone. I looked at it often and always thought of a funny memory. I still have it and always will.

    The best part of the picture you posted is the obvious love you have for Seth. The look on your face is what we all hope our siblings have for us! What a blessing you have in your family!!!

    I know you miss Sethie every day but you have a great way of looking at it. The memories you have will carry you far!!! And I am sure he is still making arm-pit farts in heaven today…… 🙂

    • Haha. Thank you so much for the kind words and memories Julie. I definitely was the one that got puked on! Thanks for reminding me of that one. 🙂 I love the funny memories, they are the best ones!

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