Bold Faith vs. Weird Faith

I’ve been thinking about this idea since Rich’s sermon on Sunday.

So many times we make bold faith equate weird faith.

I think boldness to share the gospel is great. I think bold prayers are very important. And I think bold prayers are the ones that God just might answer. I also think bold prayers lead to things like Acts 4:31.

I think weirdness is part of our problem. We must be like Jesus and use the culture to share and show the Love we truly believe in. We must ask for guidance, pray bold prayers, and act boldly. Bold however does not mean going around with banners or freaking people out. It means knowing out cultural context, and using it to reach the people where they are.

Boldness does not equal weirdness. To all you weird Christians championing the cause of weirdness, be you, but stop trying to be weird and justifying it by boldness, be Jesus to the people on your heart. Show his face and love to them.

Don’t be these guys.


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