Learning Leadership

Leadership is one of those things that has the potential to change the world like Gandhi or like Hitler. Or leadership can take your organization to the next level, or just plain ruin your organization. I’ve learned a lot about leadership through reading books and classes. But I’ve especially learned about leadership through actually being thrown into a place where I must lead or fall flat on my face. One year ago today I took on the role of Youth Pastor at LIFEchurch. I’ve loved this role, but it is a far reach from being easy. I have fallen in love with the students that attend TheHOUSE, and really wouldn’t want to be in any other place right now. I am really learning leadership as I go, and sometimes I fail and sometimes I do well. I know that from reading books, taking classes, and actually being thrown into a leadership role that the only way one can truly learn to lead is by jumping into actually leading people. Try it out. Ya might just learn something about yourself and about actually leading people in the process.


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