Long belated update!

Well this has been the craziest last month of my life! Let’s start with the beginning of winter break on December 17.

Kasie and I drove down to Killeen, Texas for Josh and Melissa Saffron’s wedding. I met Josh in Masters Commission, and he has been a great friend of mine since. It was a great wedding, and it was so great to get to spend time with so many friends in Texas.

The next week was Christmas, and I had such a great time with my family. I love spending time with my brother and sister, and all my crazy nephews. The house is never boring with them around!

On December 27, I turned a whopping 22 years old, but a much larger thing happened that day than me turning one more year. On the evening of my birthday Kasie and I went out to dinner and coffee. It was during coffee that this big thing happened… I proposed! and she actually said YES! So we are getting married on March 12th, 2011. I can’t wait to spend my life with this amazing woman.

Later that week we held a Lock-In for The HOUSE and had 30+ students hang out at the LIFEchurch building from 7pm on December 31 to 7am on January 1. It was a blast! I love these students!

The following day, on January 2, 18 of us from LIFEchurch got on a plane to Calcutta, India. We set up two medical clinics and saw around 670 patients in 5 days of work, we also painted desks, tables, chairs, and benches for a school. We did a lot of work, but more importantly we built great relationships with the people and pastors over there. I fell in love with Southeast Asia, and I know I will be going back there someday.

While in India my Papa (my mom’s father J.D. Roller) left this world to go home to be with Jesus. I am sad that he is gone, but joy is brought to my heart as I know he is no longer suffering in his earthly body. My favorite memory of Papa is his loud booming laugh. The day I arrived home from India, I boarded another plane to head to Arkansas for the burial ceremony on Friday Jan 14.

Today I start back to school as it is the first day of the semester at The University of Iowa. This semester I will be studying part time and working a lot more. Time for a new season.


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