Bring Change

I’ve heard this quote a lot.

I believe this quote a lot.

but why don’t we do anything?

Why do we sit and leave things the same?

Why don’t we stand up and do something to bring the change?

Let’s go, let’s do it.

Then the fear hits when we actually take the step.

People ridicule the change.

It becomes less popular.

It becomes harder and less exciting.

We quit, we die, we don’t change a thing.

Maybe we should try to live for the change.

I’ve had a lot of life changes in my short time here on this Earth. I love change, I thrive on change, I can’t stand staying the same. I want to bring more change to the world. I know I’m a dreamer, and I may fail, but at least it’s worth a shot.

Let’s actually bring some change.

What do you wish was different, and how can you start to bring change?


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