I always love adventures, and this one doesn’t disappoint me.

Nearly five years ago this thing called Life Church started. I’ve been along the ride in and out for about 4 and a half years, and on staff for just over a year. When Rich and family moved to Iowa City to start this church they didn’t really know anyone. We had service in the Coralville Rec Center for just over 4 years, before moving into our own space. We’ve been there since January. This last year at has been a ride. We have seen a lot of people’s lives changed, a lot of growth (we had 300 people there this weekend and last year in November we averaged around 85 ppl a weekend), and a lot of God. I can see God through the people. I feel the loving relationships that I’ve never felt like this before. I see how my life has changed. I see how my closest friends’ lives have changed. I’ve seen some awesome outreaches. Still to this day one of the coolest experiences of my life was December of 2006 when we gave away bicycles to an entire elementary school. This weekend we get to bless nearly 200 families with a free Thanksgiving meal. I love this adventure and family at LIFEchurch. This is an adventure, and it won’t be stopped.


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