Creative Inspiration

I want to highlight some of the creative inspirations I find on the internet. This post is a kind of response to this tweet: @messycanvas Name a person on twitter that inspires you with almost every tweet they type.

People like Hugh MacLeod, who created this drawing, really inspire me (Not sure if this gets me in trouble for stealing this photo from his blog… but I had no part in creating the picture, it was all him, and no I haven’t actually met him, I just read his stuff). It’s people like Hugh that challenge my thinking to create and think outside of what has been done before. Hugh started drawing on the back of business cards when he was bored. This has lead to a tremendous business for him, and a wonderful work of art for all of us to enjoy.

People like Seth Godin challenge me to be different. His writing challenges me to be remarkable. It also challenges me to challenge things. Things like school, professors, and the way business is done. He inspires me to be me, be the best I can be, and not to compromise and be a pawn of the system.

People like Mandy Steward inspire me to find the beauty and art in everyday. I enjoy her authenticity, artistic ability, and story telling through it all. Mandy has been a huge inspiration to me through her blog, tweets, and her secret club.

People like Carlos Whittaker inspire me to be real. His blog gets thousands of hits, not because he’s super famous, but because he’s real. He posts about struggles, life, family, and he has some pretty sweet photos.

I read a ton of blogs, and it is probably some of the most challenging yet inspiring stuff out there. I know I grow because people are generous enough to share their heart on a blog. I had a friend tell me that twitter and blogging are “kind of narcissistic”, but I think of them as generous and loving. To openly share your thoughts, ideas, heart with others so that they can learn is absolutely beautiful. I am so thankful for the few people I mentioned, and maybe someday I’ll meet them all in person, but really it doesn’t matter, because I get to learn and read from them without even “really knowing” them.


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