A few thoughts about elections, democracy, and stupid citizens.

I sat at my girlfriend’s place tonight constantly checking the news, refreshing Firefox, and waiting to hear the results from elections tonight. Waiting to see if the 21 ordinance would be upheld, waiting to see if I’d get a governor that thinks more like me (in that I mean he has a MO-stache, and as you know I’m currently growing mine). Kasie even asked me, “why does it even matter what it’s at now, until it’s over”. My response, “well if I watch it as it comes in I can pretend it’s more like a sport”.

A sport. Stupid.

I love this country, and I love the freedom to choose who my officials are, but why do we make it into a sport? We elect people that spend millions of dollars to even get their job. And when they get it, we scrutinize every thing they do. Then if we don’t like what they did, we get rid of them. Not a very effective way to do things if you ask me. This only causes them to become people pleasers instead of doing what they feel is the right thing to do, for the better good of all people. I must say that just because something is a majority vote, or “what the people want”, doesn’t make it the right thing to do(examples: Slavery was popular, discrimination was popular, drugs in the 70’s were popular, and many other horrible examples).

We attack each other. We are proud and boast when “our party” wins. Why can’t America win? I like change and I can embrace it, but why can’t we just support our country, and support our leaders. Not just try to get OUR party to win. I didn’t vote straight party ticket and I won’t. It’s not about making a party win. It’s about getting a win for the people of our country. It’s about getting a leader into office that can lead and make decisions that will most benefit the people and future of our country.Voting is about giving our opinion on who we want to lead us. Not an attempt to get the party we think should win into office. Well that’s the way it should be.

Well that’s my opinion. If you don’t like it, tell me. I’d love to chat about it.

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