Life Update

Well, Life is getting busier and busier all the time.

Last week was a great week. God is taking me through and teaching me a lot. I really enjoyed the e2 conference in Des Moines with the Iowa Ministry Network. I’m starting to really appreciate and love my denomination even more. I know Christianity and Jesus aren’t about denominations, but I really appreciate mine.

Tomorrow we head to Catalyst Conference in Atlanta! I am so stoked for this. I’ve been jealous the last two years reading all the tweets from everyone down there.I’m excited for this experience. I am excited for the networking, and all the great people I meet. I am excited to learn as well. We’ve been growing so much lately at LIFEchurch and it is always good to get some good leadership information as we go through this adventure.

There are a lot of adventures in this thing called life. I hope all of your lives are adventurous as well. Don’t let life get boring. Live out your life. Life is like a book, and you’re the author. Write your story to be adventurous, not boring. Also remember though, you’re the reader, so don’t write something that isn’t enjoyable to you.


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