Where ya going?

This post by Donald Miller is great.

He is one of my heros, because of his authenticity and wisdom.

This particular post is something that God has been working me over on for a few weeks now.

Rich preached an entire sermon series called Destinations at LIFEchurch. The main idea is that our direction determines our destination. The example he gave was that if I am wanting go to Florida from Iowa and I leave Iowa and head North, I will never arrive in Florida.

Between the sermon series, Miller’s blog, and all the stuff God is working me over on makes me ask myself a lot of questions.

Questions of my path I’m on.

Questions of my motivations for the things I do.

Questions of where I want to end up.

Questions of what I want my life to be defined as.

I believe we should all ask questions like these of ourselves to ensure we are going toward the place we want to be, and doing the things we want to do. Even if sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do to get to where we really want to be.


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