Some people show a lot of emotion.

I am not one of those “some people”.

This doesn’t mean I don’t feel emotion, because I most certainly do.

I think it is sometimes hard to distinguish the difference between emotion in life and Divine. In Divine I mean something like God speaking to me or the Holy Spirit sparking something from within me.

We are emotional beings though, and it would make sense if God would use them to speak to us. I don’t know though, it’s hard to tell.

I do know one thing though, when God is speaking to me or doing something in my heart my emotions go crazy.

My heart breaks for hurting people. My heart is changed to feel what He feels. I get excited for Love and the softening of the heart.

I feel like God is taking me through a lot lately, and it is an emotional roller coaster ride. Like I said before I don’t show much emotion, but I’ve cried so many times in the last weeks. Not because of being sad, but change is happening inside of me. I love that God is personal, and is changing me as I go deeper into Him.


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