Go! Calcutta

On January 2nd 2011 I will be taking a flight with about 20 others from the LIFEchurch community to Calcutta, India for a mission trip.

I am stoked to go on this trip. I know God is going to change all of our lives, and will do a work through us as we minister to others.

A little more information:

Blurb Stolen from the LIFEchurch website:

In Janaury of 2011 (Jan. 3-12) we will be taking a team of both medical and non-medical people to assist a community near the Calcutta Airport.  We will be staffing a clinic for the week along with assisting at the Calcutta Mission of Mercy Hospital.  The cost of this trip will be approximately $2200.

If you want to help:

Please pray that this trip be fruitful, as we travel half-way around the world to minister in a place most of us have never been.

Please pray that our entire team will raise the money necessary to go.

I am not sending out support letters for this trip.  However, a few different people have mentioned wanting to help support me on this adventure. If you feel led to do so, please email me at adamkolosik@gmail.com and I can get you information on how to help.

Thank you for your prayers and heart.


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