Creativity Killer

I was thinking about this idea that schools don’t allow for a lot of creativity, and I stumbled across this video.

“The whole purpose of public school systems is to create University Professors”. -Quote from the video.

I was thinking through this topic, because I got two assignments in the last week with very specific directions.

Such specific directions that even the exact size of margins on the page were to be accurate.

In school I feel like they want me to be a pawn. I feel like they want me to be a replica of this business machine that does things just like everyone else so I can get a decent job, at a decent company, where I become a pawn for them as well.

I hate that.

I believe God created each and every one of us with a specific creative purpose for our lives. I believe if we let the arts and creativity flourish more in schools and colleges, then we would have a much much better world.

So many creative ideas are killed by the necessity to “provide a good wage”. What is a good wage?

Do we really need that high of wages anyway? Do we NEED the huge house? Do we NEED all the stuff?

Yeah I like stuff, and big things too, and if you make good money I’m in no way condemning that, but are you living your purpose? If you are great.

If not, I think you should try something new and find it. I’m finding mine. And I will not live to make a buck. If I make money on the way great, if not, at least my life will be spent on something worth living for.


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