My Girlfriend.

Is great.

Happy Birthday to my Kasie.

Yep, that was us for The Freeze Project.

She doesn’t think I’d ever blog about her, well this post is all about her.

I am so lucky she came and messed up my life (a little sarcasm here).

I met Kasie last summer when I got back from some traveling.

I think she knew my whole family before she even met me.

I remember meeting her on July 5, 2009. Is that strange I remember the day?

I remember trying to think of excuses to call and text her at first. Even using John Tesh on the radio as an excuse to talk to her.

Then all of a sudden we were having multiple hour phone conversations.

Then all of a sudden we had a five hour phone conversation… That was the night she messed everything up!

Next thing ya know, we were on our first official date.

Then, out of no where we’ve been dating for nearly 10 months.

Can’t believe how time flies when you get to enjoy it with someone you love.

Happy Birthday Kasie. I love you.

Did I mention how great, wonderful, and amazing she is?

I am so lucky.

If you know her, then I think you should wish her a happy birthday as well! Or even if you don’t know her, then you should post a comment, and I’ll pass it on!


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