More travels!

Tomorrow (or today since it’s 1 a.m.) my dad, Kasie, and I will be hitting the road for New York.

We’re heading out to visit my sister (no she doesn’t update much and probably forgot about her blog) and her family’s new home.

I’m excited to see my sister and her family. I love them a lot. I’m also excited to see my brother, as he and his family will be heading out from Cincinnati on Saturday. I’m so excited to see all of my boys (in case you didn’t know I have 5 wonderful, awesome, really cool nephews)!

And before you get jealous of going to the big city, we actually won’t be anywhere near The Big Apple. We will be in the Buffalo area.

Oh yes. I forgot to mention how excited I am for the car ride with my awesome dad, and my wonderful girlfriend Kasie! It’s always fun and exciting riding in a car and exploring. Well, it’s always exciting for me. I love the talking, bonding, and new places.


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