One week at the University of Iowa

I started at this large school one week ago today. I have learned a lot, met a lot of people, and had a lot of mixed reviews of it.

I like the majority of the faculty I’ve met. They are very helpful, kind, and respectable.

I have had a teacher or two that seem very arrogant. I don’t like it when people talk down to me, and tell me how great they are, and I felt that way in one particular class.

I was sickened by the number of students that talk about getting drunk that night or how drunk they got the night before. I didn’t have one class where people weren’t discussing this. If the students here drink as much, as they talk about drinking than it is not a good thing.

Cheating. I sat next to a kid in a large class that was talking to a girl, and how he was going to cheat off of her all semester to get a good grade. He talked about how he cheated the previous semester off of her, and was planning on doing the same thing again. I guess this great institution will help him a lot. Too bad he’ll still get to say he’s an alumni of this school someday.

I know I am badmouthing this school a lot, but really I didn’t have the best experience last week. I did get to talk to the Dean of the Undergrad Program, and he is such a great guy. My advisor is very helpful, and overall I am happy to have these people to ask for help.

Students wise, I was very discouraged. I hope to make a few new friends here, but oh well if I don’t. I will make the best of it all, and do my best to love people along the way.


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