Life can be short

Well this is a post or idea or something I meant to post as Weekend Reflections: Part 2 last week, but I got busy, so it’s this week.

This picture is a line of cars. A line of cars from a car wreck last Sunday. We were on our way to the state fair, and popped over a hill to this. I had to slam on the brakes to stop, and we were stopped on the side of the road for about two and a half hours. I believe I heard it was 3 people air-carried to hospital with no fatalities.

However,  this had me thinking.

What if I were 30ish seconds ahead of where I was. Is it possible that I could have been in that wreck. Any someone in my car not made it. We don’t think about that too often. How fragile our lives our. We travel at 70+ mph on a daily basis and don’t think, “wow. it’s possible that I won’t make it to my destination.”

I don’t think we should live in worry about it all the time, but I think we should be careful. Myself included, as I occasionally tweet away while driving.

I also think we shouldn’t take life for granted. We only have so many breaths of air on this Earth. We should take advantage of it and really live.

We should live and love every moment.

Not be bogged down by crap that is pointless. Why do we let little things bug us so much? I mean I let a professor that I just meet for the first time frustrate me. It’s stupid. And yes I should do what makes him happy to get a good grade, but if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world. It’s just life.

Life can be short, you never know what’s going to happen next. Love your life, and don’t be held down by little things that aren’t important.


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