Another Journey

Today I started at the University of Iowa in the Tippie College of Business.

I don’t have a good vibe when walking on campus. Not a lot of people are overly friendly like my past few schools.

but I’ve run into a couple of my friends. They make up for all the “busy people”.

I am taking an overly large class load of 18 credits. This is more than most people do, and more than I’ve attempted.

I know it will be a challenge, but life is about challenges. I hate school, so I want to destroy this next year and be done.

I know I must step up my work ethic, and change my study habits to succeed in all the areas of my life.

It is going to be a lot of work to balance everything, but it’s possible.

It’s another journey worth taking, and the end is near.

Here we come school, let’s go to war.


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