End of another time.

Well tomorrow I take my last final at Kirkwood Community College.

In about eleven days I start school at the University of Iowa.

This will be my fifth fall in a row at a different school.

In fall 2006 I started my senior year at English Valleys High School.

In fall 2007 I started at Iowa State University.

In fall 2008 I stated Masters Commission USA.

In Fall 2009 I started at Kirkwood CC.

Now fall 2010 I start at the University of Iowa.

I’ve been to school a few places now. I actually finished a couple times, and only left Iowa State without finishing up a program of sorts.

I will graduate from Iowa with my Bachelors degree in Business Management in either the end of summer ’11 or end of fall ’11. We’ll see how it all goes with attempting 18 credits a semester.

I’m excited to be back at a university, but not so excited at the same time. I know it will be tough, and I know it won’t be easy, but it’s a challenge worth taking.

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