I am loving my Intro to Philosophy class. My teacher is a pretty cool guy, and forces me to ask a lot of questions.

I have always questioned things and wondered why I do a lot of things, but this class is pushing these questions a lot deeper.

I am learning that definitions of words have a lot of problems, as we all use words differently. Especially terms like good, bad, truth, and even the word philosophy itself has a lot of debate behind it. My teacher is forcing me to not necessarily always agree with the status quo of just looking to the dictionary for a definition, but find definition in the context of the conversation, and common meaning before discussing something.

This next week of class we are discussing the philosophy of religion. That is the question of god. Does god exist? Of course I believe God exists and Jesus is my Lord and savior, and I hold a very high view of God, but I believe it is good to question why sometimes. It helps me to build my faith to ask tough questions. I know I won’t have exact perfect answers to questions, but a lot of times it takes a faith step to really believe. I know we can’t understand fully God, or even fully understand ourselves and our own heart. But it’s good to question, and find an answer. Even if that answer is un-comprehensible.


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