Goodbyes suck.

Tomorrow my sister flies out to move her family to Fredonia Village, New York.

The last few days she has been staying at my parents house with her three little boys, so last night  I went down to hang out with them, and to say goodbye.

I’ve grown a little numb to goodbyes, as I have moved around enough in the last few years to know it’s more of a see ya later than a goodbye.

but they still suck.

I will see her next month, and honestly I haven’t visited her very much at her house just 2 and a half hours away, but the reality of not being able to just get up and go see her kind of sucks.

I am very excited for their family to get so much closer as they live farther from all of us, and I’m a little jealous of her being the one to leave Iowa now.

It’s kind of funny that almost two years ago I left Iowa for Texas, and I was the first of my siblings to leave. Now  both of them live in other states, and I live here in Iowa.

I love people, and I love to see things go great, and see people live dreams, but still

goodbyes suck.


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