Why I like coffee places.

I’m currently sitting at Caribou Coffee.

I sit at coffee places a lot. I like them a lot.

I don’t do this just because I like coffee, but I love the environment.

I go to a lot of different coffee places. (None of which in Iowa compare to Cafe Brazil in Texas. Just sayin)

I like the environment in these places, because:

It’s calm…usually.

There are people here, which beats sitting in my bed.

Free wifi is always nice, even though I get it at home.

I like to occasionally just watch people. It inspires me, and helps push my creative mind to make up a story of their life in my head.

I do like coffee.

I can always start a conversation with a stranger. Ya never know who ya might meet.

So many coffee places have to push the creative element, as they have to compete with the others. This helps push my creative mind as well.

I love the smell. I know strange, but it’s a part of the total feel.


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