Today I’ve been talking back and forth on twitter with a friend, about how God speaks to us sometimes in our dreams and through visions.

God has spoken to me many times about my life and calling and answered prayers of mine through dreams.

The interesting part of this is today.

Two years ago I worked in construction management for a company in Iowa City. I was the low man on the pole in those offices, but I really had two bosses. Last night I had a dream about them. In the dream I was trying to go work for them again. I have thought about going back, I really enjoyed the job, but haven’t put a lot of thought into that.

Today as I was having this conversation on twitter (via phone), I walked into a gas station. As I walked toward the rest room, a man walked out. Oddly enough I worked with him at that job two years ago. He is a great guy, and I haven’t seen him in two years. It seems funny, and interesting that I ran across his path today.

I don’t know if this all means anything or not, but I find it interesting, and maybe it will mean something later.

Ya never know when God is trying to speak to you. Ya just gotta’ pay attention.

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