a challenge

I am driven by challenge.

I don’t know how to do something unless I at least slightly feel a challenge in it.

I don’t know how to keep myself in shape, unless I have an athletic challenge.

It’s hard for me to keep focused on school until it’s a challenge of getting done, or face failing a class.

It’s hard to get a lot of my day to day tasks done until I feel some sort of pressure from somewhere.

I am a pretty driven person, but it’s hard to keep on tasks unless I formulate them in a form of a challenge.

This may be weird, but I kind of like it. It does make some things hard though, as I’ve taken on a few large challenges and accomplished them. Once you accomplish a large goal, it’s hard to set another goal that isn’t aiming higher. This makes it hard to do the small things sometimes, but the small things are the ones that really make a difference.

If you aren’t challenging yourself, or others. I think you should start. Dreams are born and accomplished out of challenges.


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