Well a few weeks ago, well a month ago, on 6/6 I got to live a dream. I got to speak at my church. I think it went pretty well. I didn’t notice anyone leave so I suppose that is a good thing. Overall I was very happy with the sermon. I had a few things I think I could have done better, but that will always happen I suppose. That’s the beauty of being young, I can learn and get better and move forward. As I mentioned before I will post my notes, as well as the audio clip. You can find the notes under the Short Sermon Notes link above. I can’t figure out how to post the audio, so here is a link to it, but it probably won’t be there for a long time.

By the way. I hate my voice, but doesn’t everyone?

Oh yes, and my notes are a little raw still. I did make changes in them a little the day before my sermon, so it’s a little off from exactly what I spoke, but close enough.

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