We have these weird perceptions sometimes.

Perceptions that makes us fear people.

Not just the guy that is shaved head and wearing a trench coat.

But perceptions about the guy that is clean cut, blue suit, badge, nightstick, and a gun.

Yes cops.

Why do we fear cops?

We see a cop car, we yell watch out a cop. We hit the breaks even if we’re not speeding, we’re extra cautious.

We’re worried.

Cops are there for the better good of society. Cops are there to protect us. Protect us from others, protect others from us, and to protect us from ourselves.

I get nervous too when I see a cop sometimes, but I shouldn’t. I should be comforted. Cops are good people (With the exception of some of the guys on tv, but they aren’t really cops anyway)

We should be very thankful we have cops.

I know when my brother died, the cops stopped and directed traffic, one cop and his wife came and visited my family weeks later, they even brought us flowers. I don’t remember his name, but I’m sure my parents do. Why don’t we think of these people when we think of police? The good ones. Not always the bad.

When you have a perception of someone, don’t always think of the negative experience with someone like them. Dig a little deeper and remember the good ones as well.


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