Power of Community

When I get to enjoy community

I have a lot less struggles.

I am more honest with myself.

I get annoyed less.

I live for others more.

I have this friend. I get really annoyed with him a lot. Mainly we have totally different life styles, and I get frustrated with that. I still love him though. I realize that when I get to see him more, and talk to him more I get a lot less frustrated with him. I haven’t seen him in a while now, but I probably will again before too long.

This is the power of community. When you hear someone and get to experience life with them more, you don’t get as frustrated with them. You see where they are coming from, you get to understand their motives. You love more.

Community is essential to our being.

It helps us grow, learn, love more. It helps so much. I like me a lot more when I get to experience community.

For the record community is different than just seeing someone or co-habitating (not sure if that’s a word, but I’ll stick with it) with them. Community is having genuine caring relationships with others.


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