10 years…

10 years ago nearly to the minute the worst thing that ever happened to me happened.

At 4:20 pm on 6/9/00 my brother Seth was taken from us.

It was a freak accident(car wreck), and could have happened to anyone.

I was just a little guy(eleven years old) when this happened.

I am at my parent’s house in North English to be with family during this time.

I miss my brother so much, but I have learned more in the last 10 years from his accident than I would have any other way.

I have learned to live life to the fullest. Seth was a crazy rascal, and everyone knew it.

I remember the times when we drank some beer back then(remember I was only eleven when he past away and he was only 14). I remember the time that crazy kid started buying chew (yes was 14), and made me try it. I remember the time he made me throw up on our cousin. I remember the times we buried our 4-wheeler. I remember the times he threw up from chew. I remember him teaching me to poop off of a bridge. I remember the time he shot me in the face with a paintball gun while I was sitting in the outhouse. I remember the time he wiped poop on a friend of ours’ head that was looking under the stall in the bathroom. I remember mowing lots of lawns and buying video games with him. I have so many memories of Seth. He taught us all how to live and have a lot of fun.

Seth’s accident has also taught us all how fragile life is. People are important and life is short. Never take a day of life for granted, you’ll never know it might be your last or the last of the people you’re around.

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