Another what if….

Sorry for all the hypothetical questions, but we are in the middle of our What if Every(one) series at LIFEchurch. I know these posts have nothing to do with the series, but this causes me to make a lot of what if questions of my own life.

So my what if question of today is what if you never succeed?

What if you have this grand dream, but it never comes true.

What if I never make it?

I think about this a lot, but then I realize it’s okay….. if I give all I can to it.

As long as I go and do what I’m supposed to do to the best I can do it doesn’t matter if I get all my dreams, because that in and of itself is a dream.

Colossians 3:23 is what we should do in everything. I do fail in that. I want to try to do better.


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