What if…

What would happen if you died right now?

Would people miss you?

I know people would miss you, but besides your family.

Five years from now would they be like…”Dang, where would I be if it wouldn’t have been for (your name) in my life”

Or would they even remember you?

Make a difference in people lives.

Invest in others.

Life is pointless to just live and get more stuff.

Life is about pursuing relationships.

Solomon was the wisest and richest man to walk to Earth.

He said all the stuff is pointless.

Living beyond yourself, for something higher is not pointless.

Live beyond you. Live for something bigger. Make in impact.

Even if you invest in one person, and love the snot out of them you will be remembered.

Make an impact. Live for things that matter, not the junk that will be destroyed anyway.


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