Go Cincinnati

My pastor and I went to Cincinnati this weekend to participate in Go Cincinnati with Crossroads. My brother and his family now attend Crossroads, and he was a team captain for our project. Go Cincinnati is an incredible servant hood project. Just a few statistics on the day:

7000 volunteers, 12,000 hot dogs, 4000 pairs of gloves, 2 piniatas, 1 bush hog, 24,000 project items, 400+ locations, 1 city.

Talk about an impact.

I hope to somehow impact the Iowa City corridor like this someday with LC and Love Wins. It’ll take time to get there, and we will never have statistics like that, but comparatively speaking we can in our much smaller community. And I’m not saying with the same project, but our own style.

I love to see people making a big impact, and sharing this divine love with each other.

What a weekend!


One thought on “Go Cincinnati

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