one week to the next

I like to plan ahead. but sometimes we just have to live one week to the next.

If you noticed I started listing my recent sermon notes from theHOUSE. Well that was two weeks ago. The last two weeks I haven’t really given my lesson, but it’s gone really well.

Last week we had eight students, and after worship time we moved out some chairs and I just asked some questions about God and we just talked.

This week we had five students, none of them were there the week before. This week we didn’t have a worship time, we instead went to Wendy’s and got some ice cream, then came back to the LC building and I just asked questions and we talked about Jesus.

Both conversations had a lot of the same answers to the same questions. Funny how a lot of kids and people are all going through some of the same stuff.

The main two questions were

What is your favorite thing about Jesus?

What is the most frustrating thing about Him?

I found the answers were wonderfully beautiful. There is something beautiful about asking and answering some of these hard questions. Ask them to yourself.

What’s your answers to these questions?

I’ll post something later this week more in depth about my answers to them. Just ask for now.


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